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New registrar transfer rules - Important

There has been some confusion regarding the New ICANN transfer registrar policy, which was first relased on October 18, and which will be officially implemented by the registrar community on November 12, 2004.

Under the new transfer policy, Registrants will have greater freedom to transfer their domains to any ICANN-accredited registrar of their choice. However, please be aware that a physical process which involves certified identification (via any law firms) in addition to the standard electronically approval is now accepted for initiating a transfer. This means it is possible that the administrative contacts will no longer receive any email notification before a transfer is initiated. In addition, the new policy prohibits Registrars from denying outgoing transfers on the basis of a registrant's alleged failure to "double-confirm" the transfer. This process is commonly referred to as "Auto-knacking."

Brief summary and conclusion

From this point onward, if there is no acknowledgement from the registrant or administrative contact within 5 days of a transfer request being made, the transfer will automatically occur. While this new policy will make it easier to transfer names between registrars, this can also make your domain name susceptible to fraudulent domain transfers if precautions are not taken. We are therefore strongly recommending all customers protect their domain names by using our domain locking service. By using this service, you would need to physically unlock the name before a transfer would be allowed ensuring the highest levels of security (note: this does not apply to transfers initiated through law firms or other methods by paperwork). You can enable the locking service by emailing our support team.

Notes to direct customers

If you are our direct customer we will from now on have your domain name protected and you will need to unlock it manually before you can transfer it to another registrar.

Please contact us if you have any further questions regarding the new ICANN transfer regulations.

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