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No Frills!

Established in 1996, DomainAvenue.com understands how people hate bad companies approaching customers with very low registration prices and then charge them with a dozen of other service fees. At DomainAvenue.com, our prices are always "final", meaning that for just one price, you get everything you need to start your Web site. Take a look now and compare our prices and you will see how we have been able to keep ourselves in business and at the same time offering such a good value. The way we run our business is unorthodox by industry standards. The company's servers, systems and interfaces are all built in-house by our own engineers, and our global staff of 35 is tiny for a company that maintains tens of thousands of Web sites. That makes for a demanding work schedule but is one that is worthy! See what CNN says about Wyith Incorporated, the parent company of Wyith Ltd d/b/a DomainAvenue.com and you will believe what we promise:

Download the entire 256k video clip (4.1Mb), view it with 64k/ISDN modem or 56k modem, or listen to it in 32k stereo or 16k mono

"Surviving in a devastated dot-com world, CNN Financial News has the story of a player that got in long before the boom and ... has found the program for success, making it in the mist of the dot-com downfall ... its strategy of keeping costs down and not burning up a lot of cash in just getting started has proven to be a winner."

CNN Financial News

Read now and see for yourself the report from CNN Financial News on Wyith Incorporated, the parent company of Wyith Ltd d/b/a DomainAvenue.com and you will see how we manage to keep our promises by running an extremely tight ship.

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.info/.biz/.us/.co.uk Existing customers 3 simple steps!
All new registrations for .info / biz / us / co.uk names require a 2 year minimum terms of service. Click here to go to the Domain Manager to configure your domain name. Just 3 simple steps to go to register your domain, type a keyword in the box above and click check now.

YOU get totally Full Control and Ownership!

DomainAvenue.com guarantees you have full control of your domain once registered here. We will list you as the Legal Registrant so you can legally own the domain and can make all decisions for it. View our Service Agreement.

NO Banners or Pop-up Ads Guarantee

DomainAvenue.com guarantees we will not put adverts, banners or pop-up adverts on your webpages at any point during the year. The FREE webspaces DomainAvenue.com offers is truly your own private webspace!

NO additional charges when you leave

If you subsequently wanted to host your website somewhere else, you can have the domain remain registered with us and point your domain at the new webhost. Or you can use our FREE domain masking function too. No extra charges, no questions asked.

Transfer to us and get FREE bundled services!

All domains registered through DomainAvenue.com are entitled to all our bundled services (as listed above). If you've already registered your domain with another registrar, transfer to us and we will extend your domain for one more year. Your domain will be transferred to our ICANN-accredited Registrar Partners (please see below). For your reference, Wyith is the Key Strategic Channel Partner of Melbourne IT and was also the first Asian Premier Gold Partner of Network Solutions (now Verisign) and one of the world's 20 Register.com First Step Partners in 1999. Read details in our registrar transfer service [an error occurred while processing this directive]

Find out more about the acquisition of DomainAvenue.com by Wyith Incorporated in November 2000. Read more about Wyith Incorporated

Shop here safe! Service Lead-time and Refund
Order securely via PayPal or PaymentAsia Wyith has been doing business online since 1997. We are a verified merchant of the Winghang Bank through AsiaPay, and is also a PayPal-verified business since 2002.

Order via our Verisign/Thawte SSL Secure InterfaceDomain name registrations and any other services ordered through the DomainAvenue.com Web site is protected by Thawte's (Verisign) HTTPS secure Web interface. We accept online payment made using PayPal. You can also signup here if you are not a member yet.

Wyith Ltd d/b/a DomainAvenue.com accepts payments made using PayPal, the no.1 online payment service.
All new domain registrations are processed immediately and you shall receive two separate email aknowledgements: one is the acknowledgement of payment received and the other is the acknowledgement of account setup completion. Normally, you shall receive the first email right after you sign up and the second email in 8 to 12 hours. If you have not received these two emails, contact us immediately.

Refund Policy

Domain registration, hosting, and transfer fees are not refundable. Read our service agreement for details.

We support Verified by Visa!

Extra security with Verified by Visa

Wyith Limited d/b/a DomainAvenue.com has always put online transaction safety, security and reliability as our top concern. We have therefore joined the Verified by Visa programme to further secure your privacy and to avoid any possible fraudulent credit card transactions. Please read this for details.

Special volume discount

For orders of 5 or more names, including registration of new domain names and transfer of registrars for an existing names, EACH of your domain name will automatically be given a USD10 discount. This means, it only costs you USD25 to register a new domain name or transfer your name to us, both including one year of web hosting service! You will automatically be given this volume discount when you register or transfer 5 or more names with via new registration interface or multiple registration interface. Read more about our volume discount

Country-code domain names

DomainAvenue.com offers registration and Web hosting services for country-code top-level domains, including the following countries:

BE - Belgium | CH - Switzerland | CN - China | DE - Germany | ES - Spain
DK - Denmark | FR - France | HK - Hongkong | IT - Italy | JP - Japan
LI - Liechtenstein | NL - Netherlands | RU - Russia | SE - Sweden
UK - United Kingdom | US - United States of America

DomainAvenue.com was founded in 1996 with a lean business model, "outsource all products and services whenever possible." DomainAvenue.com's commitment to "the end result" has been proved by long established partner programs with supporting service companies, including Register.com. The company had served over 20,000 domain names before it was acquired by the 1991-established Internet pioneer Wyith Incorporated in November 2000.

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