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Becareful with .EU Pre-registration services has become aware that unsolicited emails are being sent to its customers (and everywhere) from a company called ".EU Registry" using email addresses like, or These notices are asking people to pre-register their .EU domain names and submit their credit card details online to this so-called ".EU Registry."

Beware of .EU domain SCAM - January 18, 2004

If you receive emails telling you to go to or to pre-register .EU names, PLEASE BE WARNED THAT THESE PEOPLE ARE FRAUDS. They send unsolicited email ads (forging our email addresses trying to mislead and deceive people in order to obtain their credit card details. They clearly have NO association with We have already reported this to both the Specialist Crime Directorate of the Computer Crime Unit at the New Scotland Yard and the police in PR China. Read more about .EU Sunrise

Can I pre-register for a .EU domain name now

As at the time of writing (September 3rd, 2003), pre-registration of .EU domain names is not possible in the .EU Top Level Domain. (Please refer to information about .EU Sunrise for details.) This is because the Registry for the .EU Top Level domain has not yet been selected. Names obviously cannot be registered until the Registry is in operation. Applications will then need to be made through registrars who have been formally accredited by the .EU Registry.

We are aware however that some companies like .EU Registry are offering to pre-register or reserve domain names, essentially by offering to make an application for the registration of a domain name to registrars as soon as the registration process is formally initiated. Given the risks for confusion, pre-registration services are not recommended. In any case consumers and companies are encouraged to check exactly what is and what is not being offered.

Consumer warnings

Please note that at this time it is not possible to register or pre-register a .EU domain name with EURid and there are NO accredited registrars for .EU. If you would like to be alerted when registrations become possible, please at click here to contact us.

More information

European Commision Faq about the .EU Top Level Domain
.eu Pre-registration Scams / Pre-register .eu domain names
The EURid official website

Other possible scams or alerts

Email Scam - and
Fake renewal notices from Melbourne IT imposter

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